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Fundraising Advice

€3000 = 60 x €50

It's that simple!   

For Paris2Nice the commitment you are making is exceptional.  Many people raise money to go on a charity trip where as little as €100 goes to the charity but when you join Paris2Nice you commit to raising €3,000 for your chosen charity.


It should be made clear to all of your supporters that you are not raising money to go on a holiday and that you will be self-funding the cost of your bike and all the logistical costs. In addition to this you will be, or at least should be, doing some fairly hard training.  We’re assuming you’re not taking up cycling as an excuse to wear Lycra ….. it’s all about raising money for your chosen charity.    Let’s work together to help you exceed your expectations.



Paris2Nice Group Fundraising Events:


Each year the Paris2Nice team host events to help each rider with their fundraising.

It is also a great opportunity for the team to get to know each other off the saddle. 


  • Our annual table quiz is a great social gathering and always great fun.  The profits made from the quiz are divided proportionally among the cyclists & the charities they represent that attend. 

  • Paris2Nice Bagpacking Weekend.  We have organised a weekend of bagpacking at a local SuperValu store.  All proceeds from the bagpacking will be divided proportionally among the charities of the cyclists that help out during the bagpacking weekend

  • Bespoke Charity Team Jersey.  Each charity team also receives a charity jersey that they wear on the second day of the cycle.  You and your charity team members can work together to sell sponsorship onto your team jersey and once you have sold your sponsorship, Paris2Nice will take care of the design and production of the jersey for you.  











Fundraising On Your Own:


We have split it into 2 areas:

  • Online via your dedicated donations page, which can be found through this site & shared easily through Facebook & Twitter. 

  • Offline. Specific events such as raffles, bucket collections etc. 




Once you have registered for Paris2Nice we will set up your online fundraising page which will allow your supporters to donate by credit card.


We suggest you copy and paste the link to your fundraising page into an e-mail and circulate it weekly to all your contacts updating them with your progress in terms of fundraising, training etc.


You should also promote this link via;

  • Facebook

  • Twitter 

  • And add it to your signature on all emails that you send


For your master contact database consider the following:


  • Friends

  • Work colleagues

  • Suppliers to your work (who supplies the stationery, who does the audit, do you have bottled water, is there a contract cleaning company, who are your solicitors, do you ever order outside catering, who cleans the windows etc. – leave no stone unturned)

  • Who services your car                       

  • Do you have a regular restaurant

  • Hairdresser

  • Local take away

  • Dentist / GP                            

  • Kids school, the class parents list

  • …………….etc. etc. you get the idea!


As each person donates take them off the master database list and transfer them to “those who donated list” and at the end of the event you can email them the picture of you at the finish line in Nice and say thank you!




There are a number of potential offline fundraising activities that can work well.  As much as possible we would encourage you to organise events with your charity team members. It's a great way to get to know each other prior to going to France and it is also much easier to fundraise in a group. In 2017, charity teams organised race nights, table quizzes, charity luncheons and charity dinners.  See below for some other fun ideas on how to fundraise for your favourite charity.


Fun and Quick events - If you work in an office with large number of employees you can always organise an event at lunchtime perhaps in the canteen. 

A previous P2N cyclist organised for three volunteer male colleagues to have their legs waxed at lunchtime. Each cyclist had three wax strips applied to their legs (that’s six wax strips in total per volunteer …. just trying to build a picture here!) There was a charge to enter the room to watch the proceedings and a charge to remove one of the strips - quickly for €10 & slowly for €20...OUCH!! This event alone raised over €3,000.


Movie night – another participant had a mobile home in Wexford, over the summer he organized in a nearby hall a movie for kids on Saturday afternoon (with MiWadi and popcorn) and a movie for adults (not an adult movie!) on Saturday evening (with cheese and wine).  He did this a few times over the summer and raised over €5,000.


Tennis –A participant organized a ‘mixed doubles’ tennis competition in his local club. He contacted his local Dominos who offered to donate a number of large pizzas, Guinness donated a keg of beer (organized through the rep that dealt with the club) and various friends donated some prizes (restaurant voucher, web consultancy, some wine etc.).  It was a great night and he made over €4.000 for his chosen charity.


Coffee Morning or Wine Tasting – this is always a great way to raise money with neighbours, friends, or work colleagues. 

Cycle-A-Thon's-  a cycle-a-thon (bikes on turbo trainers) is a great way to raise money.  Past participants have organised cycle-a-thons in their local golf clubs and shopping centres.  

Table Quiz - Table quizzes are always great fun and a great way to raise money. 


Local restaurants – If you know your local restaurant well maybe you can approach them and ask if it would be possible to add just €1 on to each bill in aid of your charity. This happened in 2012 with one restaurant and the participant raised over €8,000 in a four month period. 


The bottom line is, we are here to raise money for charity (a lot of money). The cycling and all the fun we have on the road is just a means to an end.

Let’s get the hard work over before we get to France and then we can all thoroughly enjoy our time on the road.


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